Monday, May 4, 2015

May the 4th be with you!

I couldn't resist. Geek side exercise complete.

The weekend's uneventful nature has me pondering. I'm starting to see several things clearly.

First, some folks really just don't want to engage this thing. There is a willful not noticing of the skirt on a dude. We spent 6 hours at the showroom buying a car last week, nerves jangling, the smell of rubber and new cars in the showroom mixing with the odor of stale cigarettes on some of the salesmen. That was my first day in the shirt. It's bright pink (like the business card). With the shirt on, folks asked about the project, and hung in there for at least a polite exchange. One guy did actually explore the subject with me a bit, which was refreshing. A couple also buying a car engaged it strongly, and really talked about the dynamics of gender that they've experienced. Really cool. But frankly, without the obnoxious bright pink shirt on, getting people to talk about it is hard. Especially getting guys to engage it.

The second thing I'm seeing clearly is how awesome wearing a skirt is. Saturday I got to wear the Mountain Hardwear Kilt for the first time. Folks didn't engage at all, but what was fun was going to the park with the kids for our weekly LARPing game (the geek is strong in this one). Live action role playing is always a dress-up adventure anyway, so I decided to wear my regular costume pants. At the end of the day, I put the kilt back on, and as soon as I took the pants off, I thought how stupid pants are. Yeah. That just happened. Skirts are awesome. Its just too hot already for pants. I'm not going to be giving up the skirts at the end of 30 days. I will be modifying my black one to put pockets into it.

So there's the thing. I haven't heard any push back other than folks who really don't engage or say they didn't notice it. So let's try something. If you're reading this blog, send it to a Great White Male and ask them to read the first impressions post. Share it on facebook and ask dudes to jump into the fray a bit. I'm curious what will happen if more men engage this subject.

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